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The West Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association (WVNLA) approached Image Associates with an outdated, non-dynamic HTML web site.  Updates could only be performed by the site’s developer, as there was no Content Management System (CMS) and no database.  In addition to an updated design and CMS, the organization had a number of feature requests, which Image Associates was happy to provide in a modern, WordPress-based, site.  Among the features of the site:

  • To match the theme of the organization, an organic design was chosen, reflecting their dedication to bringing the beauty of nature wherever it’s needed.
  • In order to better facilitate the collection of membership fees, a paid memberships system was put in place, allowing WVNLA to take credit card payments via the site.
  • An advanced online membership application form was created to replace the old paper form which had to be downloaded, filled out by hand, and mailed in using old fashioned post.
  • A membership index was created and will give visitors the ability to find a landscape professional near their location.  The directory listing for each member will be managed by the members themselves.
  • A clean and well-organized CMS will allow the organization to keep their own content up-to-date as needed.

The design features beautiful slideshows of foliage and is highlighted by an animated representation of the existing WVNLA logo.

The West Virginia Housing Development Fund came to iA for a better way to educate potential homebuyers about the process of shopping for, choosing, and financing their own home.

iA responded by writing and producing a 4 part video series utilizing the trending technique known as “whiteboard animation”.  To create the effect, iA turned to Videoscribe to create the foundation of the clips, but chose to enhance the effect using Apple Motion for a smoother result.  The final video series now resides on YouTube and is embedded on the WVHDF web site.  The videos have also been shown at realtor luncheons across the state to better familiarize the real estate community with the home buying process.

This is a playlist consisting of 4 videos.

Image Associates recently completed work on a new web site for the Mountain State Agency Alliance.  The one-page scrolling site is built on the foundation of WordPress and incorporates a number of modern features lacking in their old design:

  • All content of the site is available on the site’s home page.
  • Lazy loading (loads as you scroll down) of articles and images ensures that the site’s initial load time is a brief as possible.
  • Full page image sliders and use of the parallax effect make for an eye-pleasing, yet functional site.
  • Use of custom post types for staff entries, testimonials, and video embeds make management of content easy for the client.
  • A fully responsive design ensures mobile device compatibility, while browser and feature detection ensures the site won’t break in older web browsers.
  • Enhancements to the Content Management System user interface include better menu organization and color coding of elements.
  • The site makes full use of the glorious scenery around the New River Gorge Bridge, which is the inspiration for MSAA’s logo and their symbol to tie their organization to the Mountain State.

MSAA personnel expressed pleasure with the design and have now taken over day to day content management after a very brief training session, demonstrating the layman-friendly user interface provided by Image Associates to enhance the WordPress dashboard.

West Virginia University Parkersburg 1
The new West Virginia University Parkersburg (WVUP) web site, produced by Image Associates, went live on August 16, 2013, just in time for the first week of their fall semester.  Built on WordPress, the site represents a vast improvement over what they had before.  Their previous site was entirely static, with html pages being added as needed – no database backend and no central management system.  It grown over the years to a include hundreds of individual pages, many of which had languished and stagnated.

Image Associates provided a fresh, modern graphic design coupled with advanced features and functionality catering to the needs of a higher education institution.

Features of the WVUP site include:

  • West Virginia University Parkersburg 2A responsive design that allows the site to display properly on mobile devices without the need for a special mobile site.
  • WVUP administrators have complete control over the site’s header images, allowing them to provide a selection of images on a per section basis which the site displays randomly at each page refresh.  This provides a unique bit of visual interest for the users while maintaining a level of design integrity.
  • Additionally, section icons can also be controlled and modified by WVUP personnel within the content management system.  These icons help users maintain a sense of where they are within the site and provide a visual representation of the topics being displayed from page to page.
  • A complete Events Management feature, with visual calendars and event lists on the front end allows WVUP administrators granular control over their upcoming events, with the ability to display only those events that are relevant to a particular sub-section of the site.
  • An FAQ management system to maintain a database of Frequently Asked Questions, which can be divided into categories for display on relevant pages and can accept new questions directly on the FAQ page.
  • A Staff Directory feature for managing and displaying contact information based on department.
  • A Downloads manager that creates a central repository of all the vast numbers of files needed by students, faculty and administrators in the course of running a university.
  • Google Maps integration for locations and directions.
  • A customized backend interface designed to make site management as simple and easy as possible.
  • An improved page management system to more easily track the site’s 250+ pages.
  • A “mega-menu” navigation system that provides quick access to all those pages for users.
  • The site makes extensive use of the jQuery Javascript library, but also functions well without Javascript if necessary.

The response to the new design has been positive, and the rollout has been featured in the local media.

Dancers Rehearse

Dancers Rehearse

What do an adorable little girl, two disgruntled moving men, four square dancers, a frazzled family and an eighties rocker have in common? They are all part of two TV spots created by iA to promote the West Virginia Housing Development Fund’s new “Movin Up” home loan program. The program was designed for existing homeowners who want to move up to a larger home or are just ready for a change.

The first of the two comedy spots titled Get Movin’ depicts a family who must wait in line as a teen daughter monopolizes their home’s only bathroom. “Nothing could be more to the point or funnier.” said iA’s Carl Varney, the spot’s creator. “These folks really need a larger home.”

In the second spot called Change male and female characters who “change with the times, change their minds and finally change places” thanks to a “Movin’ Up” home loan.

“We’re grateful that the Fund let us run with our ideas for these spots. It’s not every day an institutional client has the vision and the courage to use comedy to promote a financial product,” said director Bill Hogan.

The spots premiered on TV stations across the state in February and met with immediate, positive feedback. George Gannon, the Fund’s Communications Manager reported unprecedented traffic on the Fund’s Facebook page and web site within twenty-four hours of posting the “Movin’ Up” spots. Patti Shamblin, a loan origination manager with the Fund, reports increased phone traffic since the spots began airing.

[tubepress video=”eMLiiBItCgM” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

[tubepress video=”N612fwpLq-o” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

Frontier Logo RedA new thirty-second Frontier Communications spot produced by iAproductions for West Virginia markets has been picked up for use by multiple Frontier regional business units. The spot titled Best Gift Ever employs kinetic typography and animation to herald Frontier’s holiday customer promotion. The spot offers customers a $450 Apple gift card as an incentive to sign up for Frontier’s “Triple Play” package for phone, TV and internet service.

This is the second spot produced by iAproductions for Frontier that utilizes an animation technique known as kinetic typography.  Kinetic typography involves the creation of blocks of text, animated in sync with speech and music, that convey a particular idea or emotion.  It’s first recognized use was during the opening credits of Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest in 1959.  iAproductions previously employed this technique on a grander scale to promote Frontier Communications’ “Custom Value Pricing” promotion.

Response to the spot in West Virginia broke sales records and Frontier’s home office immediately took notice and requested the spot be adapted for use throughout the Frontier system of twenty-eight states. According to iA’s Creative Director Bill Hogan, “The spot was so successful that Frontier requested the spot be retooled for extended use following the promotion.” Hogan went on to say, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Frontier’s Southeastern region marketing team and we are grateful to them for providing us with the opportunity to ‘go national’ with the gift card spot. For us it’s the Best Gift Ever!”

[tubepress video=”wGZA-UxBs0g” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

[tubepress video=”jKrFRjvg31w” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

WVCAP Logo1 1024x409Image Associates recently completed a series of assignments for the West Virginia Capital Access Program (WVCAP). West Virginia received $13.1 million in funding for lending to small businesses over the next two years, through the U. S. Treasury. The WVCAP has been created to administer the funding. The program is targeted to assist creditworthy West Virginia small businesses that may not fit traditional lending models.

Representatives from WVCAP approached Image Associates with the need for a logo design or identity, business cards and letterhead, and assistance with a monthly electronic news bulletin. The Image Associates design team was able to come up with a memorable logo design, which was used in the development of the other materials. WVCAP approved the designs and the materials are now in use throughout the state.

Image Associates has been officially notified we are the new agency of record for the West Virginia Housing Development Fund. An evaluation committee from WVHDF reviewed three agency proposals, based on experience, creativity, public relations and cost and selected Image Associates. The team at Image Associates is excited about this new opportunity to partner with WVHDF and will begin working with the agency in the very near future.

Frontier Logo RedImage Associates’ client Frontier Communications is reporting great results from their recent Custom Value Pricing TV campaign. The campaign, which is currently running in West Virginia and Myrtle Beach, SC, has more than exceeded the company’s expectations in terms of in-bound telephone calls and web page visits. If you want your phone to ring with potential new customers for your company’s next big promotion, call Image Associates today at (304) 546-2583.

[tubepress video=”jKrFRjvg31w” embeddedHeight=”180″ embeddedWidth=”280″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]iA just completed a brand new television commercial for Frontier Communications.  The spot, featuring Frontier’s Custom Value Pricing, offers a $68.75 per month special price for phone service, high-speed Internet and Dish Satellite TV.  The commercial utilizes kinetic typography, an animation technique using motion and text to express ideas. Image Associates also produced a companion :60 radio spot, as well.

The television commercial will be running in selected markets throughout West Virginia and featured in movie theaters in West Virginia, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

For more information about Frontier’s Custom Value Pricing, visit their website at