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Case Study: West Virginia University Parkersburg Web Site

The Situation:

West Virginia University Parkersburg (WVUP) struggled with an outdated website for years and it became  unmanageable.  The website lacked a Content Management System (CMS), which contributed to the stale and outdated information. The institution could not deal with the problem directly.

The Challenge:

 Replacing the entire installation with a modern database driven solution on a solid and reliable hosting platform.

The Solution:

August 16, 2013, West Virginia University Parkersburg (WVUP) launched their new website produced by Image Associates. Built on WordPress, the site represented a vast improvement over what they had before.

  • A fully responsive design that allows the site to display properly on all mobile devices.   
  • Content control that includes role-based editing permission.
  • Multiple page templates for customization and differentiation between different areas of the site.
  • A complete Events Management feature with visual calendar.
  • A categorized FAQ management system.
  • A Staff Directory.
  • A Downloads manager for all files needed by students, faculty and administrators.
  • A Custom code that can be implemented by other web services, such as the campus emergency notification system.
  • Automated Site Maps.
  • Custom forms that can be created for any purpose and submitted via email to any chosen email address.
  • An improved page management system featuring an easy to follow tree view which allows admins to track the site’s 250+ pages.


New River Logo

Case Study: New River Rocks

The Situation:

New River was an institution without an identity. Created from four freestanding colleges located in four different cities, New River faced an uphill battle to establish a brand identity with a limited marketing budget. The college had no name recognition in its service area and the local communities that had previously been home to the four individual colleges that make up New River resisted consolidation. Enrollment was stagnant and morale was low.

The Challenge:

Develop brand awareness across four distinct markets, increase enrollment, and create a unified brand culture across all four campuses.

The Solution:

Image Associates immediately went to work to develop a brand and create a spring enrollment campaign.

Spring Enrollment Campaign:

Image Associates identified New River’s target audience and value proposition, created a branding strategy, logo and other collateral materials and an integrated marketing plan and enrollment campaign. Working in the school’s four markets and using three TV stations, a half-dozen radio stations, regional and local newspapers, the school’s Web site and many free media opportunities, Image Associates circulated the broadcast, print and online media it had created for the Spring “Push.”

The Outcome:

The campaign generated hundreds of calls and introduced the school’s brand to a diverse and geographically segmented population. New River’s enrollment rose almost 33% in just a few short weeks and the campaign was pronounced a definitive success.


Case Study: CompareCareWV Web Site

The Situation

The Governor of West Virginia put forth a mandate that all West Virginians should be able to compare health care costs across all health care providers in the state.

The Challenge

The West Virginia Health Care Authority pulled together a team of experts in database development and Web design, which included Image Associates, to produce the CompareCareWV Web site, where West Virginians could search through a massive database of medical procedures cross-referenced against the hospitals and other providers who performed them. The users could search by procedure or by distance from their location.

The Solution

CompareCareWV represented a massive collaboration between Image Associates, the IT Department of the West Virginia Health Care Authority and a third party database administration firm tasked with bringing vast amounts of information in to play. The site was built on a .Net framework and relies heavily on CSS for the look and feel. Image Associates served, in part, as a bridge between the highly technical minds of IT and the less technically inclined West Virginia Health Care Authority administrators to translate needs and wants between those two disparate worlds. The site’s front end, including the user interface, and the graphical look and feel were coded by Image Associates. The server code for pulling the information from the back end database into usable tables of data for users on the front end was also provided by Image Associates.

The Result

The CompareCareWV Web site has received positive notices and press and continues to provide empowerment to the people of West Virginia by way of increased knowledge of health care costs.

Wvhdf Logo

Case Study: Home Delivery

The Situation

In 2002, the West Virginia Housing Development Fund expanded its home mortgage program.  The new program was not restricted to first-time buyers and had no income restrictions. Prior to this program the WVHDF guaranteed loans to first time buyers only and income restrictions and other factors limited eligibility strictly to low-income clients.

The Challenge

The WVHDF found themselves challenged to serve a much broader demographic than ever before; thus a new advertising program targeting a mid to high income audience was needed. Since the program was new and represented an unprecedented opportunity for homebuyers, the task of responding to the great volumes of requests for information (generated by the advertising) in a timely and courteous manner was expected to overwhelm the internal response systems of the WVHDF.

The Solution

Image Associates named the new program “Home Delivery” and produced television,  radio and print ads designed to target homebuyers aged 18 – 54 with incomes above $60,000.  This targeted approach and key visual and audio cues contained in the TV spots were intended to overcome existing perceptions that the WVHDF serves only low-income clients. IA developed a video information packet to answer the most commonly asked customer questions and secured a toll-free telephone number and the services of an Inbound Telemarketing firm to respond to the anticipated call volume. The methodology was seamless to the respondent and ensured timely and courteous call response with no busy signals or hold time.

The Outcome

Over the initial 8-week advertising effort, total requests for information reached 337 per week. Requests continued for 11 weeks after advertising had ceased — averaging 15 requests per week, then response rates dropped to pre-campaign levels of 4 to 5 requests per week. At the suggestion of the WVHDF, Image Associates met with housing fund representatives in Kentucky and Virginia who agreed to form a cooperative advertising group.  The first “multistate” campaign worked so well, all three states agreed to participate in a second cooperative TV spot air flight.

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Ia Logo Wht Sm

Bill Hogan

Managing Member

Sharon Harms

Partner, Art Director

Carl Varney

Technical Director

Brooke Lewis

Office Manager/Producer
Image Associates, LLC is a full-service communications company created in 1996.  We are West Virginia’s only marketing/public relations firm with complete in-house, high-definition media production capabilities. We can see your concept through from beginning to end. Our award-winning work has garnered scores of TELLY awards and numerous ADDY awards since our creation.
Unlike other agencies who must subcontract television and radio production, we can produce the concepts we develop, thus controlling costs by eliminating subcontractor mark-ups. Our goal is to provide communications that not only support our client’s public relations and marketing efforts, but is also creative, targeted, cost-efficient and effective.

Creative Services

Creative services is one of our greatest strengths. We bring the full force of our firm to bear when a client needs a creative concept or solution to a marketing problem.  (more…)


Strategic planning services are an integral part of our expertise. Strategy separates a mediocre campaign from an effective campaign.  (more…)

Video Production

Our in-house video production company allows us to go from concept to edit, all in 4K, without subcontracting.  We can distribute your video on the web, on physical disc or deliver for broadcast. (more…)

Internet & Web

Clients constantly remark on the effectiveness and ease of use that Image Associates brings to their Web sites. Our designs range from simple small business sites to enterprise class sites. (more…)

Media Buying

Over a million dollars in media buys each year has positioned Image Associates as a powerful player in our region’s media market. (more…)

Direct Response

We have the necessary manpower, corporate relationships, experience and vision to develop, initiate, execute and track an effective direct response effort.  (more…)


Image Associates has worked with a number of research firms for both quantitative survey research and qualitative research services for a variety of clients.  (more…)

Public Relations

Image Associates has the experience and relationships with media outlets across the Mid-Atlantic region to see a PR campaign through to its successful conclusion.  (more…)

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Frontier Communications WVHDF WVUP CTCS Logo
Ghareeb NRCTC Flowerscape Logo WVIC Logo

The team at Image Associates works quickly, efficiently and demands the highest quality work from themselves and their contracted workers. Image Associates has been a tremendous business association for Contemporary Galleries for over 30 years. I know you can expect the same productivity, effeciency and friendship that we have experienced.

Mary Anne Crickard, Manager, Comtemporary Galleries of West Virginia, Inc.

They have consistently produced quality work and contributed to many successful campaigns. The staff at Image Associates is always available, very creative, and extremely pleasant to work with.

Bryan Shaw, Sr. Marketing Specialist, South East Region, Frontier Communications

They took our heavily outdated web site and delivered a final product that is a dynamic and user-friendly. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback and I would be glad to work with Image Associates on future projects.

Katie Wootton, Director of Marketing and Communications, West Virginia University at Parkersburg

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As IT Happens

As It Happens SECTION - News

New Web Site for WVU Parkersburg


West Virginia University Parkersburg 1
The new West Virginia University Parkersburg (WVUP) web site, produced by Image Associates, went live on August 16, 2013, just in time for the first week of their fall semester.  Built on WordPress, the site represents a vast improvement over what they had before.  Their previous site was entirely static, with html pages being added as needed – no database backend and no central management system.  It grown over the years to a include hundreds of individual pages, many of which had languished and stagnated.

Image Associates provided a fresh, modern graphic design coupled with advanced features and functionality catering to the needs of a higher education institution.

Features of the WVUP site include:

  • West Virginia University Parkersburg 2A responsive design that allows the site to display properly on mobile devices without the need for a special mobile site.
  • WVUP administrators have complete control over the site’s header images, allowing them to provide a selection of images on a per section basis which the site displays randomly at each page refresh.  This provides a unique bit of visual interest for the users while maintaining a level of design integrity.
  • Additionally, section icons can also be controlled and modified by WVUP personnel within the content management system.  These icons help users maintain a sense of where they are within the site and provide a visual representation of the topics being displayed from page to page.
  • A complete Events Management feature, with visual calendars and event lists on the front end allows WVUP administrators granular control over their upcoming events, with the ability to display only those events that are relevant to a particular sub-section of the site.
  • An FAQ management system to maintain a database of Frequently Asked Questions, which can be divided into categories for display on relevant pages and can accept new questions directly on the FAQ page.
  • A Staff Directory feature for managing and displaying contact information based on department.
  • A Downloads manager that creates a central repository of all the vast numbers of files needed by students, faculty and administrators in the course of running a university.
  • Google Maps integration for locations and directions.
  • A customized backend interface designed to make site management as simple and easy as possible.
  • An improved page management system to more easily track the site’s 250+ pages.
  • A “mega-menu” navigation system that provides quick access to all those pages for users.
  • The site makes extensive use of the jQuery Javascript library, but also functions well without Javascript if necessary.

The response to the new design has been positive, and the rollout has been featured in the local media.

West Virginia Housing Development Fund Taps iA to Create TV Spots for New Loan Program

Dancers Rehearse

Dancers Rehearse

What do an adorable little girl, two disgruntled moving men, four square dancers, a frazzled family and an eighties rocker have in common? They are all part of two TV spots created by iA to promote the West Virginia Housing Development Fund’s new “Movin Up” home loan program. The program was designed for existing homeowners who want to move up to a larger home or are just ready for a change.

The first of the two comedy spots titled Get Movin’ depicts a family who must wait in line as a teen daughter monopolizes their home’s only bathroom. “Nothing could be more to the point or funnier.” said iA’s Carl Varney, the spot’s creator. “These folks really need a larger home.”

In the second spot called Change male and female characters who “change with the times, change their minds and finally change places” thanks to a “Movin’ Up” home loan.

“We’re grateful that the Fund let us run with our ideas for these spots. It’s not every day an institutional client has the vision and the courage to use comedy to promote a financial product,” said director Bill Hogan.

The spots premiered on TV stations across the state in February and met with immediate, positive feedback. George Gannon, the Fund’s Communications Manager reported unprecedented traffic on the Fund’s Facebook page and web site within twenty-four hours of posting the “Movin’ Up” spots. Patti Shamblin, a loan origination manager with the Fund, reports increased phone traffic since the spots began airing.

[tubepress video=”eMLiiBItCgM” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

[tubepress video=”N612fwpLq-o” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

Animated Frontier Spot Goes National


Frontier Logo RedA new thirty-second Frontier Communications spot produced by iAproductions for West Virginia markets has been picked up for use by multiple Frontier regional business units. The spot titled Best Gift Ever employs kinetic typography and animation to herald Frontier’s holiday customer promotion. The spot offers customers a $450 Apple gift card as an incentive to sign up for Frontier’s “Triple Play” package for phone, TV and internet service.

This is the second spot produced by iAproductions for Frontier that utilizes an animation technique known as kinetic typography.  Kinetic typography involves the creation of blocks of text, animated in sync with speech and music, that convey a particular idea or emotion.  It’s first recognized use was during the opening credits of Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest in 1959.  iAproductions previously employed this technique on a grander scale to promote Frontier Communications’ “Custom Value Pricing” promotion.

Response to the spot in West Virginia broke sales records and Frontier’s home office immediately took notice and requested the spot be adapted for use throughout the Frontier system of twenty-eight states. According to iA’s Creative Director Bill Hogan, “The spot was so successful that Frontier requested the spot be retooled for extended use following the promotion.” Hogan went on to say, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Frontier’s Southeastern region marketing team and we are grateful to them for providing us with the opportunity to ‘go national’ with the gift card spot. For us it’s the Best Gift Ever!”

[tubepress video=”wGZA-UxBs0g” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]

[tubepress video=”jKrFRjvg31w” embeddedHeight=”370″ embeddedWidth=”600″ fullscreen=”true” showInfo=”false” showRelated=”false” playerImplementation=”youtube”]


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